West Coast Takeover Tour Meet & Greet XZIBIT
West Coast Takeover Tour Meet & Greet XZIBIT
West Coast Takeover Tour Meet & Greet XZIBIT
West Coast Takeover Tour Meet & Greet XZIBIT

West Coast Takeover Tour Meet & Greet XZIBIT

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This Meet & Greet Package includes:
  • Photo with Xzibit
  • Autographed purchased item
  • Collectible Laminate
  • Hang out in VIP with Xzibit
  • Onsite VIP Host

**This packages does not include entry into the concert.

To purchase a ticket for admission for your city, please click the link below.


Date: Oct 22nd 

City: Skopje

Country: Macedonia

Link: https://bileti.mkc.mk/index.php?id=548

Date: Oct 24th 

City: Sofia

Country: Bulgaria

Link: https://www.viagogo.com/au/Concert-Tickets/Rap-Hip-Hop-Reggae/Xzibit-Tickets/E-3931414


Date: October 26th

City: Timisoara "Vest Fest"

Country: Romania

Link: http://vestfest.ro/?fbclid=IwAR0TB_Mx0uAI9qQw4biIBy37RhQp9becBgJ9dxCAMzcwe0ps-lIL-jM5y10


Date: Oct 27th 

City: Cluj-Napoca

Country: Romania

Link: https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-xzibit-at-form-space-45143/


Date: Oct 29th 

City: Paris

Country: France

Link: https://www.seetickets.com/event/xzibit-jamessavage-problem-djhoppa-demrick/la-machine-du-moulin-rouge/1415729?aff=id1bandsintown


Date: Oct 30th

City: Zwolle

Country: The Netherlands

Link: https://www.hedon-zwolle.nl/voorstelling/28990/xzibit


Date: October 31st 

City: Leiden

Country: The Netherlands

Link: https://gebrdenobel.nl/programma/xzibit/


Date: Nov 1st 

City: Alkmaar

Country: The Netherlands

Link: https://www.podiumvictorie.nl/programma/xzibit


Date: November 2nd 

City: Arnhem

Country: The Netherlands

Link: https://www.luxorlive.nl/agenda/xzibit/


Date: Nov 3rd

City: Enschede

Country: The Netherlands

Link: https://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/243981?CAMEFROM=METROPOOL&brand=nl_metropool


Date: Nov 5th 

City: Stockholm

Country: Sweden

Link: https://www.tickster.com/sv/events/jxjwydv3bpfwkfa/2019-11-05/xzibit-us-5-nov-kraken-sthlm


Date: Nov 6th 

City: Borlange

Country: Sweden

Link: https://secure.tickster.com/en/kezrgmnf979b9n4/products


Date: Nov 7th 

City: Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Link: https://pumpehuset.dk/en/concerts/xzibit/


Date: Nov 8th 

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/yaam-berlin/xzibit-friends-yaam-berlin/462147571236652/


Date: Nov 9th  

City: Warsaw

Country: Poland

Link: https://goingapp.pl/evt/2145885/xzibit-warszawa-proxima?fbclid=IwAR3Vt3RN5AnIZUkKbS5b9mGhcQcF_1uR2XwEJpdxDUAcG58h6oLt8XEmZfo


Date: Nov 10th 

City: Krakow

Country: Poland

Link: https://www.biletomat.pl/en/hip-hop-reggae/xzibit-krakow-8411/


Date: Nov 12th 

City: Dortmund

Country: Germany

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/695998280812731/ 


Date: Nov 13th 

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany


Date: Nov 14th 

City: Nuremberg

Country: Germany


Date: Nov 15th

City: Geneva

Country: Switzerland

Link: https://www.starticket.ch/en/tickets/xzibit-us-hip-hop-20191115-2030-post-tenebras-rock-lusine-geneve


Date: Nov 16th 

City: Stuttgart

Country: Germany

Link: https://lka-longhorn.de/events/xzibit/


Date: Nov 17th 

City: Marseille

Country: France

Link: https://www.espace-julien.com/fr/agenda/programmation/id-1379-xzibit


Date: Nov 18th 

City: Brussels

Country: Belgium


Date: Nov 19th 

City: Cologne

Country: Germany


Date: Nov 20th 

City: Munich

Country: Germany


Date: Nov 21st 

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary